nakaMoo (Waseda CourseN@vi to Moodle Converter)


[For instructors of Waseda University] We have developed “nakaMoo”, a converter to move Waseda CourseN@vi quizzes to Moodle. If you have a quiz in CourseN@vi, save it to a csv file, and nakaMoo will convert it to an xml file. Import the file into Moodle, and the quiz will be available there. You can convert almost all the form of questions (Essay/Multiple-choice with single answer/Multiple-choice with multiple answers/Cloze) that you have created in CourseN@vi. The converter also automatically recognizes chapter breaks and random question breaks in CourseN@vi and allows you to easily reinstall the random questions to Moodle. The first edition is 2020-04-12 and the latest is 2020-05-03.

How to use:

  • Prepare a Windows PC. If you do not have Python 3, install it. It is not hard.
  • Log-in to CourseN@vi and save your quiz to a CSV format file.
  • Drag and drop the csv file to nakaMoo.bat, which is in the pack above.
  • An XML file will be generated. The file name is the same as the csv file you entered.
  • Import the resulting XML file into Moodle.

That’s all. There are no difficult procedures or operations. Please see the README in the pack for details.